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2013-12-10 09:34:29 ㅣ 조회 1053
원문 : http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/topic/10786719252

◆ 하스스톤 차후 패치 주요 변경사항

As we move further into the closed beta, we’re continuing to closely monitor card balance as more and more Hearthstone games are played. We also want to ensure that cards acquired in Hearthstone are done fairly through our various game modes.

대전 모드 3승 골드 획득을 하루 100골드로 제한 한다고합니다.(부정 방지위한..)

대전 모드에서 획득 가능한 골드의 상한선이 하루 100골드로 제한됩니다.
- 퀘스트, 투기장, 업적으로 얻는 추가 보상은 제한과 상관없이 획득 가능하고, 한선에 도달했을 때 알림이 뜹니다.

The amount of gold gained by winning games in Play mode per day will be capped at 100 in the upcoming patch. This cap does not affect gold gained through Quests, Arena, or Achievements. There will be an indication within the game when this gold cap is reached. This cap is intended to combat certain methods of gold acquisition that violate our Terms of Service. The spirit of fair play is extremely important to us, and we will continue to monitor gold acquisition activity closely to ensure a fun and enjoyable game environment for everyone.

무너진 태양 성직자는 이제 3/2가 됩니다.
Shattered Sun Cleric is now a 3/2 (was a 3/3) 

은빛 십자군 부대장은 이제 4/2가 됩니다.
Argent Commander is now a 4/2 (was a 4/3) 

마나비용 3에서 6까지만 주로 선택되기 때문에 그 폭을 넓히기 위해 조정했습니다.

In regards to card balance, there are a few cards we’ve noticed that have sprung up that warrant some tuning, and we’ll be making these changes in the next patch. Our goal is to change as few cards as possible over the course of time, but we felt the need to address these six cards in particular. The cards are: Shattered Sun Cleric, Flame Imp and Argent Commander. These cards will be adjusted along with the other cards we mentioned at BlizzCon: Mind Control, Starving Buzzard and Unleash the Hounds. 

These cards are quite good for their cost, and they currently feel to be slightly above the curve in power compared to cards of a similar cost and type. Players end up choosing these cards for their deck much more often than other cards at the same mana cost. We want to increase the variety of cards being played at 3 and 6 mana.

불의 임프는 이제 영웅에게 3 데미지를 주고 등장합니다.(전투의 함성)
Flame Imp’s Battlecry now deals 3 damage (up from 2)

흑마법사의 초반 필드 장악은 매우 강력하고, 이에 화염 임프가 미치는 영향이 큽니다.
최근 흑마법사가 초반에 강력한 경우가 많은데, 이 점을 주시하고 있습니다.

Warlocks have a very strong early game, and this small change to Flame Imp should help a small amount. There are other cards that help the Warlock maintain early board advantage, and we’re keeping a close eye on those as time goes on.

정신 지배가 이제 마나 비용 8에서 10으로 증가합니다.
Mind Control’s mana cost is now 10 (up from 8)

정신 지배 카드는 상대에게 과도한 스트레스를 줍니다. 

Mind Control has some pretty accurate flavor text … perhaps a little too accurate. Raising the mana cost will allow players to have a couple more turns to play with their big minions.

굶주린 대머리수리는 이제 2/1 이 됩니다.
Starving Buzzard is now a 2/1 (was a 2/2)

영웅 간의 밸런스를 맞추기 위한 조정입니다.

At some ranks, Hunter was a bit strong versus Druids, Mages and Rogues. This change to Starving Buzzard will help even the playing field against those classes in particular.

'개들을 풀어라'는 이제 4마나를 소비하며 상대의 미니언 수 만큼 1/1 돌진 하운드를 소환합니다.

개들을 풀어라 주문: 마나4. 적 하수인 하나 당 1/1의 돌진 능력을 가진 사냥개 하수인 소환
바뀐 효과는 사냥꾼의 광역 능력을 보완합니다.

Unleash the Hounds has been reworked and now reads: “(4) For each enemy minion, summon a 1/1 Hound with Charge”. 
The old version of Unleash the Hounds was allowing for Hunters to win in a single turn, starting with no minions on the board. The new version adds some fun, new card combos to Hunters and helps with their ability to AoE.

We hope these changes will increase your versatility and creativity in making card choices for your decks, and helps to make Hearthstone a more fun game for all to enjoy.


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